“I thought he was against taking a knee” — The best reactions to Robert Kraft’s Arrest

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Featured Image: Screenshot via Twitter.com

When the news that the owner of the NFL team the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, was arrested on two counts of soliciting prostitution during a human trafficking investigation, NFL fans exploded, as did the rest of the world. Kraft has managed to take the Patriots to great heights, and that includes six wins at the Superbowl – most recently in 2019.

Although Kraft denies the allegations, authorities say they have video evidence of Kraft and 25 others visiting a day spa in Jupiter, Florida, to solicit sex from women who were victims of sex trafficking. Apparently, they set up a hidden camera that caught him red-handed, among other big names.

Being a record-setting owner, Kraft is certainly getting a lot of reaction on Twitter. Sadly, it’s not exactly what he’s looking for.

The Twitter reaction to the news was immediate, and a mixture of funny and serious.

Of course, the Trump angle:

As a “tribute” to Kraft’s Superbowl-winning status:

And, as a “tribute” to Colin Kaepernick…

For many reasons, Kraft’s being charged isn’t surprising. For one, President Donald Trump is a Patriots fan, and Kraft is a Trump supporter. For those who don’t get the connection, Trump is also friends with Jeffrey Epstein, who is a convicted pedophile, and was jailed for 13 months for various acts with underage girls.

As a result of the reduced sentence, the then-U.S. Attorney and now Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is being investigated, as he’s been accused of breaking the law in offering Epstein the plea deal.


And let’s not forget that Trump is also accused of multiple acts of sexual assault. We also cannot forget the “Grab ‘em by the pu**y” comment made to an Access Hollywood host caught on tape.

The timing of the charges against Kraft is interesting at very least. Considering the circles he’s run in, and the other revelations that came out today about Acosta, it appears that the Good ‘Ole Boys Network is alive and well. One can only hope that justice prevails in this and every other case… Eventually.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Twitter.com.