Bette Midler shreds Billionaire Howard Schultz for considering a stab at the presidency

Billionaire Howard Schultz. Screen capture by CNN via YouTube video

Tuesday former Starbucks’ CEO and possible presidential contender Howard Schultz was roundly torched by Senator Elizabeth Warren when he tried to mock her. Now Bette Midler and Jamie Lee Curtis have knocked him down several more notches.

Warren (D-Mass.) ripped him a good one after he mocked her plan to raise taxes on the wealthy as a “ridiculous publicity stunt.”

The well-respected senator responded in her inimitable fashion.

On Wednesday, Midler, who loves to talk politics and zing President Donald Trump on Twitter, did it again, The Hill reports. Only this time Schultz was her target.

#Howard Schultz is a reminder of how wealthy, opinionated white guys are just like Starbucks: there’s one on every [email protected] corner.”

Jamie Lee Curtis followed that up with her own comment in support of Midler’s tweet.

Midler’s original tweet has received more than 32,000 “likes” on the social media platform, where she has a following of 1.5 million.

Early on in her career, Midler, 73, earned the nickname “The Divine Miss M,” and she and Curtis starred in the 2000 crime comedy Drowning Mona.

Perhaps spurred by Schultz’s attempt at ridiculing Warren, Midler even took to Twitter on Tuesday to zing him with a sharpened barb.

Estimates say that Schultz has a net worth of $3.4 billion so her comment seems especially appropriate. Affording his health care is probably one of the least of his concerns.

But not all celebrities have it in for Schultz. Alec Baldwin is one of Trump’s biggest critics in Hollywood. His Trump impressions on “Saturday Night Live” have rankled the president, causing him to have Twitter meltdowns. Even so, he believes that criticizing billionaires is the wrong idea.

Schultz has indicated he may run as an independent candidate for the 2020 presidential election and this has some Democrats concerned. Their view is that this may hand the election over to Trump once again.

In the video below Schultz tries to explain why running on an independent ticket won’t get Trump reelected.

Featured image by CNN via YouTube video