CNN’s Jeff Toobin slams Trump: ‘He’s always after people of color’

CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin said Monday morning that President Donald Trump is being reckless with his continued attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), whom he and others in the GOP have accused of being disloyal to the country simply because she’s Muslim.

Over the past week, Trump tweeted out a video suggesting that Omar had something to do with the terrorists attacks on 9/11. And that, Toobin noted, is emblematic of other attacks Trump has made:

“What do all the people that he’s vilifying have in common They are all people of color. You know, AOC, Omar, whether it is the basketball players or the football players, he’s always after people of color, and that is not a coincidence.”

Fellow guest David Gregory agreed, commenting:

“This is beyond the pale, that she should be targeted with death threats because of something the president said is completely wrong. That is completely out of context and beyond the pale in terms of a political attack.”

Remember, Trump began his campaign by attacking Mexicans as rapists. He has also repeatedly gone after African-Americans, women, and anyone he perceives as being less important that he is. And he even has the nerve to suggest that those who oppose him have no right to question his motives or intentions.

Donald Trump is a shameless man who will do anything to feed red meat to his base and elevate himself. He doesn’t care about the consequences of his words or his actions. He exhibits all of the characteristics of a classic sociopath.

As Jeff Toobin rightly noted, Trump’s pattern of conduct is clear, and he has been discriminating against minorities since he first became a businessman, refusing to rent to black Americans who were looking for apartments.

We need to make sure and replace Donald Trump in 2020. He is too dangerous to be entrusted with the most powerful office in the country.

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