Commander Bone Spurs Declares: I Know More About Syria Than The ‘Failed Generals’

President Donald Trump wants us all to know that he’s in firm command of our armed forces and knows more about military strategy and foreign policy than any of our generals.

Still stinging from criticism over his decision to withdraw all American forces from Syria — in essence abandoning the region to Russia and Iran — Trump fired off some incredibly defensive tweets Monday morning:

The very fact that a draft dodger like Trump has the audacity to proclaim himself smarter than the generals and other military advisers who have decades of experience in such matters is laughable on its face. But for him to also assert that ISIS has been destroyed (it hasn’t) is the very definition of hyperbole. It’s estimated that 25-30,000 ISIS fighters remain in Syria and are preparing to regroup and perhaps strike directly at the United States here on our soil.

Social media wasn’t shy when it came to countering the president’s bragging that he alone knows what’s best for the country:

Isn’t it reassuring to know that as we enter 2019, we have a possibly compromised commander-in-chief who may well be in the pocket of dictators around the world?

Featured Image Via MSNBC