Don Trump Jr. Gets Brilliantly Schooled After Using Self-Serving Twitter Hashtag

Trump Jr

Bless his heart, Donald Trump Jr. desperately wants to be relevant while simultaneously trying to earn his father’s respect and admiration, and he proved it again Tuesday with something he posted on Twitter:

Making America greater? All Junior’s daddy has been spouting for the past two years are lies, hatred, xenophobia, and dog whistles to his most racist followers. Oh, and that #votered hashtag is more than a tad ironic in light of the fact that Democrats are poised to retake control of the House and possibly even make gains in the U.S. Senate.

Donnie Jr. got a heaping dose of digital karma for his ridiculous post:

Poor little Junior. He’ll never be as popular with daddy as Ivanka. But he can think about all that while he’s being booked by federal marshals.

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