Enraged Laura Ingraham urges Trump to reject ‘Total SCAM’ border bill and shut down govt. again

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is furious that President Donald Trump is considering signing the border security bill worked out by a bipartisan congressional committee, and she’s urging Trump to shut down the federal government a second time effective Friday at midnight.

On Twitter, Ingraham said she suspects the president is being “forced” to sign the bill:

Ingraham then reminded Trump he had promised just last year that he would never sign such legislation again:

Trump hasn’t said whether or not he will accept the compromise bill which only gives him $1.3 billion for non-wall related construction of some barriers instead of the $5.7 billion he demanded before he shut the government down for 35 days, only to capitulate when air travel was threatened by the impasse in Washington.

Social media chided Ingraham for not caring about the millions who will get harmed if another shutdown takes place and mocked Trump’s deal making skills:

Featured Image Via Fox News Screenshot