EPA Fountain Pic Is Perfectly Ironic Evidence Of How Nasty Trump’s America Is

Do you need a picture that perfectly represents 2017 and Donald Trump’s administration? Look no further.

A water fountain at the Environmental Protection AgencyΒ drew a ton of interest online lately.

That’s because instead of producing clear, clean water, a black sludge leeched out of it.

Apparently, a water line backed up, and sewage started coming out of the fountains at EPA headquarters causing an odor that traveled down the hallways.

I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen, especially at the EPA, which until President Donald Trump and his cronies took office, had cared about keeping water safe for drinking.

But while the situation is revolting and makes everyone a little nauseous, most people immediately adopted the image as a symbol of what 2017 has been like since Trump took office.

In all seriousness, America’s drinking water is going to look like this black sewage if Donald Trump and Republicans are allowed to continue neutering the EPA and cutting regulations.

So, lets all vow to make 2018 a better year by voting in November.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.Β