Former KKK leader David Duke demands that Trump fire ‘Zionist Supremacist’ Jared Kushner

Ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke took to Twitter this week and instructed President Donald Trump to fire his son-in-law/senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Duke’s posting depicts Kushner as a puppet master, holding the president up by his underwear, along with the hashtag #FireKushner:

Earlier this month, Duke also referred to Kushner as a “Jewish Zionist Supremacist” and the “Anti-Christ.”

While Duke likes to pretend he’s a “Christian,” his hateful tweets and history of racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism are a clear indication that he hasn’t bothered to actually read the Bible he claims to swear allegiance to.

Duke is symptomatic of a larger problem for Republicans: Namely, they embrace the anti-immigrant rhetoric espoused by Trump, yet they also apply their noxious beliefs to anyone who isn’t a white Anglo-Saxon protestant. The GOP claims they don’t want anything to do with white supremacists or white nationalists like Duke and Richard Spencer, but they actively court voters who are perfectly happy to see migrant children placed in internment camps for months on end.

Donald Trump and David Duke deserve each other. Both of them are disgusting, vile, and unrepentant. And both of them are perfect examples of why the Republican Party is on the verge of becoming irrelevant.