George Conway: Trump is unfit for office ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway blistered President Donald Trump on Tuesday in a new op-ed for the Washington Post, declaring him guilty of being unfit for office regardless of what the Mueller report says.

The Mueller report somehow cleared Trump of collusion with Russia, but it did not exonerate him entirely, especially on the charge of obstruction of justice.

“Mueller…plays by the rules, every step of the way,” Conway wrote in the op-ed. “If his report doesn’t exonerate the president, there must be something pretty damning in it about him, even if it might not suffice to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.”

But if Trump isn’t guilty of collusion, he sure as hell is guilty of not doing more to protect the nation and our democratic institutions from Russian cyber attacks. In fact, Trump has repeatedly denied that Russia attacked our country, throwing our intelligence community under the bus in favor of the word of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Trump has also spent a great deal of time attacking the rule of law.

“Virtually from the moment he took office, in his response to the Russia investigation, Trump has done precisely the opposite: Relentlessly attacked an attorney general, Mueller, the Justice Department — including suggesting that his own deputy attorney general should go to jail,” Conway continued.

Furthermore, why lie so much about contacts with Russia and other related subjects if he’s innocent? In fact, Trump lied so much that his own lawyers didn’t let him talk to Mueller because he would perjure himself, which is clearly a failed opportunity Mueller let slip through his hands.

“Lied, to the point that his own lawyers wouldn’t dare let him speak to Mueller, lest he commits a crime,” Conway wrote. “Been more concerned about touting his supposedly historic election victory than confronting an attack on our democracy by a hostile foreign power.”

“Americans should expect far more from a president than merely that he not be provably a criminal,” Conway concluded to again argue that Trump is unfit to serve. “They should expect a president to comport himself in accordance with the high duties of his office. If the charge were unfitness for office, the verdict would already be in: guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

It’s just too bad that being unfit for office isn’t a crime. Of course, if Republicans had any honor or courage, they’d have ousted him by now.

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