Hillary Clinton perfectly counters Trump’s claim that Google manipulated votes to help her in 2016

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist reminding President Donald Trump that his administration is one of the most corrupt in modern history after he claimed Monday that Google had tried to help her win the 2016 election.

Here’s the tweet Trump posted Monday:

As you might expect, the president’s accusation doesn’t stand up to fact checking, as CNN noted:

(Trump) was referring to a study by psychologist Robert Epstein, which was discussed on Fox Business earlier on Monday.

But Trump did not describe the research correctly. And the research itself has been called into question.

Epstein himself says Trump was wrong about his findings. Epstein did find “bias” in Google search results, but he says there is no evidence Google “manipulated” the results to favor Clinton. Also, critics of the study note that there is no definitive link between search results and voting behavior in presidential elections.

Bottom line: Trump saw something on Fox, took it to be true without doing any research, grabbed his cell phone, and started tweeting.

In response, Clinton had this reminder for Trump:

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

And it didn’t take long before others joined the party and began giving Clinton an online standing ovation for brilliantly throwing shade at the Donald:

Clearly, Trump is still furious that Clinton beat him by nearly 3 million votes. He won, but that’s just not enough for him. But in the future, he might want to keep his petty barbs to himself or again face the wrath of Hillary.

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