Jerry Falwell Jr. gets ‘enlightened’ after bearing false witness against Hillary Clinton


Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. attempted to rewrite the history of the 2016 Election on Sunday by lying about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And Twitter users were having none of it.

Falwell is an unrepentant supporter of President Donald Trump, so of course he decided to repeat Trump’s claim that Hillary is the one who colluded with Russia in 2016.

The problem is that the Steele dossier started as a Republican opposition research project paid for by a conservative publication. Only after the publication abandoned the research did the Clinton campaign start picking up the tab. By then, the research had already been in full swing and did not break any laws.

Falwell, who has already been destroyed for supporting Trump’s treatment of migrant children, found himself being taken to the woodshed again for trying to rewrite history.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller may not have found a smoking gun to prove Trump colluded with Russia, but Trump didn’t try to stop Russia from helping him either and directly benefited from their interference. And no matter how many times Trump and his cronies try to spin it, that’s an asterisk that makes him an illegitimate president.

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