Maxine Waters eviscerates ‘traitor’ Trump in scathing tweetstorm


President Donald Trump received a severe tongue-lashing from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Tuesday for daring to insult former Vice-President Joe Biden on foreign soil.

During his trip to Japan this week, Trump took shots at Biden in solidarity with murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. His remarks and team-up with Kim have drawn wide backlash from Democrats and a few Republicans alike, including a lesson in hypocrisy from Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.

For a public official, especially the president, to attack an American citizen on foreign soil is a cardinal sin.

But the most devastating backlash came from Waters, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee that is currently investigating Trump along with other congressional committees.

Waters tore into Trump and referred to him as an “unAmerican traitor” and criticized Republicans for being “spineless” since many have cowardly chosen not to stand up to his deplorable behavior.

Waters continued by asking if Trump admires Kim Jong Un so much that he does not care about the security of the United States.

She concluded by demanding Trump resign so Congress won’t have to impeach him and coined a new nickname for him in the process.

If Trump is smart, he will ignore Waters’ tweets, but just like he did when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused him of being “engaged in a cover-up,” Trump is going to make the mistake of retaliating, and prove once again that he has thin skin and is unfit for office.

His unsavory attacks on Biden in recent weeks and constant sucking up to Kim Jong Un is the kind of behavior that Americans should abhor and punish at the ballot box in 2020. Ultimately, that will be the only way to oust Trump from office since Senate Republicans don’t have the guts to defend the Constitution. Unlike them, Waters has the guts to call Trump out.

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