Mika Brzezinski Calls Mike Pompeo A ‘Wannabe Dictator’s Buttboy’ For Brushing Off CIA Report On Khashoggi Murder


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went all in on President Donald Trump’s effort to protect Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite the CIA concluding that he had Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered, drawing a searing rebuke from Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday.

During a pathetic interview on Fox News, Pompeo was repeatedly pressed about the killing, but he refused to admit that bin Salman had a role in the U.S. resident’s torture and brutal death.

“The kingdom of Saudi Arabia decides who is running the country,” Pompeo said. “I think this is what the president said yesterday. We are working closely with the kingdom to make sure that America is protected. That’s our interest there.”

The CIA has concluded that Salman ordered the killing based on recordings of phone calls. There’s even a tape of Khashoggi being murdered. But Trump refuses to believe our top intelligence agency and all the evidence. Apparently, so does Pompeo.

“Reporting that you have seen on that has been inaccurate,” Pompeo outrageously claimed.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Again, the CIA has strong evidence that bin Salman ordered the assassination of a U.S. resident whose children are American citizens.

Pompeo’s defense of bin Salman disgusted the Morning Joe hosts, who thoroughly trashed him for being complicit with Trump, the most severe of which came from Mika.

“I understand that Donald Trump doesn’t care. But why doesn’t Mike Pompeo care right now? Are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on Fox & Friends, is that a patriot speaking or a wannabe dictator’s buttboy? And I’m being dead serious. I’m asking, are these the words of a patriot?”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Indeed, Pompeo headed the CIA not too long ago prior to becoming Secretary of State, but he threw the CIA under the bus in order to help Trump protect a murderer who has already been condemned by the international community.

Pompeo’s willfully blind defense of bin Salman is disgraceful, and even though NBC missed the censor button, Mika’s description of Pompeo could not be more accurate. Trump has financial ties to Saudi Arabia, so it’s clear why he is desperately running cover for the Crown Prince to protect his own interests, but Pompeo has no such ties. It appears he is being complicit in order to keep his job because Trump routinely fires anyone who doesn’t agree with him or does what he wants them to do, even if it is despicable and goes against everything our country stands for.

Mike Pompeo should be ashamed of himself and he will go down in history as one of the most cowardly and ineffective Secretaries of State this country has ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot