Morning Joe panel sounds the alarm as John Bolton pushes U.S. closer to war with Iran


National Security Adviser John Bolton and President Donald Trump are marching America to war with Iran with yet another move that would escalate tensions.

Bolton has dreamed of regime change in Iran for decades and tried pushing former President George W. Bush into a war there over a decade ago. With Trump in office, he has the perfect person to manipulate into actually doing it this time.

Apparently, the White House is now mulling over a plan to send 120,000 battle-weary American troops to the Middle East in preparation for war. Bolton and Trump are merely waiting for Iran to give them any excuse to send those troops to war, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cheerleading from the sidelines.

On Tuesday, Morning Joe host Miki Brzezinski and her panelists trashed Bolton and warned that America is being dragged into an unnecessary and disastrous war again.

“This seems to me to be escalating tensions unnecessarily,” Brzezinski said. “You see John Bolton’s fingerprints all over this. This is what we were worried about when he was chosen for the job.”

Indeed, Bolton pushed America to war in Iraq over false claims the country had weapons of mass destruction. It wouldn’t take much for him and Trump to fabricate a reason to go into Iran.

Former Bush administration official Elise Jordan agreed with Mika.

“We shouldn’t be surprised that someone who has a reputation as one of the most hawkish advisers in Washington is pushing Donald Trump along this path,” Jordan said. “I think that we should be incredibly concerned any time that we’re discussing moving over 100,000 troops into position because of escalating tensions. I think I really cannot believe that we failed to learn anything from the first decade of this century, and we are actually considering escalating with Iran in a war that would further destabilize the region and unleash God knows what in terms of chaos in a very troubled region already.”

Trump has already sent an aircraft carrier group into the region as European diplomats scramble to prevent what could end up being a bloodbath in the Middle East

“This does have John Bolton’s name written all over it,” Willie Geist chimed in. “He’s been an Iran hawk from the beginning. It’s one of the reasons that I think President Trump liked him as he watched him on Fox News. The piece says nothing is imminent. At this point they don’t have this plan, they’re developing a contingency if something should happen in the Gulf, but we’re talking about a number of troops that approaches the number that went into Iraq, at about 120,000.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

And it appears Trump and Bolton are hell-bent on starting a war even though Congress clearly would not pass a declaration of war, which means this is an action the White House is planning to take unilaterally without Congress’ permission, which is required by the Constitution.

A war with Iran would be catastrophic as millions of lives would be at risk. It would also be a drain on the Treasury, which is already running $1 trillion deficits. The deficit and national debt would skyrocket and tensions with Russia and China would escalate as both nations consider getting involved because both have ties to Iran. A conflict with Iran could very well trigger a world war against the United States as our allies would likely refuse to help us in this folly.

This is all happening because Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and slapped sanctions on Iran that have forced the Iranians to consider suspending parts of the deal, which they have been complying with up to now.

This is yet another manufactured crisis by the Trump administration and Americans should be concerned that Trump will start a war in the run-up to the 2020 Election in order to declare a national emergency to remain in power.

It’s time for Americans to demand impeachment now.

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