Morning Joe reports on Trump’s laziness and sparks an immediate response from the POTUS


President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter Monday morning after Morning Joe reported on his laziness, insisting that he spends his “executive time” working to clean up “the mess” he “inherited” from former President Barack Obama.

Trump’s “executive time” has been such a sore spot for the president that he ordered his staff to find out who leaked his official schedule to the press.

The reason why the schedule leak is so embarrassing is that Trump spends 60 percent of his time in “executive time,” hours upon hours of free time that he spends watching television and rage tweeting, resulting in him not really getting around to working until close to noon, and then only for a few hours a day.

On Monday, Morning Joe reported on Trump’s “executive time,” and despite his claim that he doesn’t watch the show, literally tweeted just three minutes after the segment.

Check out the segment that sparked Trump’s immediate response below:

Three minutes later, Trump claimed that he has “worked harder” than any other president and claimed that he “inherited” a mess from his predecessor, Barack Obama.

That didn’t go down very well on Twitter since Obama is considered a successful and effective president despite unprecedented obstruction by Republicans in Congress and left Trump a soaring economy that he has repeatedly taken credit for since taking office.

By tweeting, Trump accidentally revealed that he is watching television and rage tweeting right now, which is not considered “working hard.” Whoever leaked his schedule deserves high praise but while we all already knew that Trump is lazy, the schedule proved it without a shadow of a doubt.

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