Obama shows support of staffers who called out Trump for poisoning our democracy


Former President Barack Obama is standing with his former staffers who wrote a damning op-ed blasting President Donald Trump for “poisoning our democracy” with his racism.

Signed by 149 former staffers who served in the Obama administration, the Washington Post op-ed took aim at Trump over his repeated racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color over the last two weeks which have drawn backlash from across the country from just about everyone except Trump’s racist base of supporters and Republicans in Congress.

“We stand with congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, as well as all those currently under attack by President Trump, along with his supporters and his enablers, who feel deputized to decide who belongs here — and who does not,” they wrote.

Trump’s attack has incited open racism across the nation, including from a Virginia pastor who put “America: Love it or leave it” on a church sign, resulting in the congregation walking out in protest prior to the service last Sunday.

Telling people of color to “go back” where they came from is racist, and hearkens back to some of the darkest periods black people have faced in this country from Reconstruction to Jim Crow and segregation.

But that’s what Trump did, adding to his already too long list of things that should disqualify him from holding office, which is why the staffers also condemned his xenophobia against immigrants, his homophobia against the LGBT community and his sexism against women.

“We refuse to sit idly by as racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia are wielded by the president and any elected official complicit in the poisoning of our democracy,” they wrote.

And on Saturday, their former boss chimed in on Twitter with pride at the stand they are taking against Trump and his hate.

If only Obama could still be president today, the last three years of divisiveness and childish temper tantrums would never have happened. Instead, we have to elect someone like Obama to restore dignity and sanity to the White House.

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