Paranoid Trump Says CNN Is Running ‘Fake Polls’ As GOP Fades On Eve Of Midterm

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On the eve of what may wind up being the most important midterm election in U.S. history, new polls from CNN show that Democrats lead Republicans on the so-called “generic ballot” by 13 percentage points, which could spell doom for the GOP, especially those running for seats in the House of Representatives.

But according to President Donald Trump, the polls are “fake” and designed to suppress the vote:

It’s ironic that Trump would dare to talk about “suppression” when in states such as Georgia, Kansas, and North Dakota, Republicans are actively engaged in trying to make sure minority voters are unable to express themselves via the ballot box. Voter suppression is a favored tactic by the GOP across the country, and yet a poll is, according to Trump, an attempt to keep voters at home.

CNN’s polling had other bad news for Trump as he tries to keep his party from also losing control of the Senate: The president’s approval rating in the CNN poll is 39 percent, with 55 percent of those surveyed saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing. Such a low approval number may be a harbinger of bad results for Republicans when the votes are counted on Tuesday.

Trump also got a big dose of internet karma for his paranoid Twitter posting:

Imagine the tweetstorm from Trump when the election results come in and he realizes the American people have chosen to hold him accountable for his lies.

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