Tomi Lahren Takes A Beating On Twitter For Telling Parkland Survivors To ‘Buck Up’


Apparently, Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren learned nothing from Laura Ingraham’s mistakes, because she is getting her ass handed to her right now for attacking the Parkland school shooting survivors on Twitter.

The backlash was swift after Ingraham attacked David Hogg earlier this week as sponsors of her show began pulling advertising.

So far, over a dozen companies have severed ties with Ingraham and Fox News has sent her on a “vacation.”

But the fallout could be far from over for Fox if they don’t muzzle the rest of their employees to stop them from saying equally stupid things about the teenagers.

The latest to say something stupid is Lahren, who took to Twitter on Friday to whine about how students like Hogg are fighting back against right-wing attacks.

Lahren had the gall to call herself the “leader of a movement,” although it’s not clear what “movement” she is talking about, and then told the students to “buck up” and take the criticism instead of standing up for themselves.


These kids survived a school shooting. 14 of their classmates were murdered and they faced death themselves. And conservatives like Lahren have been attacking them for weeks just because they had the courage to call for change rather than just remain silent victims.

Twitter users certainly didn’t let the attack slide.

Perhaps companies should start pulling ads from every Fox News program that Tomi Lahren has appeared on as a contributor. Or better yet, pull ads until Fox News terminates her employment. Because while Lahren has the right to free speech, she’s an adult who should have to “buck up” and face the consequences of her words.

Featured Image: Wikimedia