Trump Abandons Concrete Wall Again To Desperately Appease Democrats


President Donald Trump flip-flopped again on his wall Sunday by claiming that he wants a steel wall now instead of concrete and claimed that the decision supposedly appeases Democrats. Twitter mockery ensued.

According to former White House chief of staff John Kelly, Trump first abandoned a concrete wall early on after taking office. But Trump would then go back to demanding a concrete wall after claiming that it would be steel slats.

And now, as the government shutdown drags on for a third straight week with no end in sight, Trump is claiming that he is once again changing his mind.

Trump would go on to tell reporters that the choice of steel is meant to somehow appease Democrats.

“We’ve been in touch with a lot of people and I informed my folks to say that we’ll build a steel barrier, steel, that it will be made out of steel, that it will be less obtrusive and stronger,” Trump said. “They don’t like concrete so we’ll give them steel.”

However, Democrats oppose the wall no matter what material Trump finally chooses, and it’s very likely he’ll go back to demanding a concrete wall at any moment.

According to the New York Times:

For their part, Democrats said there was no progress as the shutdown entered its 16th day, and asked again that the government be reopened before negotiations on border security money begin.

As usual, Trump is lying about how the meetings at the White House went, apparently trying to convince everyone that he’s making progress when the truth is that the meetings have gone nowhere as Trump continues to insist on wall funding that will never pass the House, nor the Senate, where Republicans would still need several Democratic votes for passage.

Twitter users mocked Trump’s flip-flopping.


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