Trump accuses United Kingdom of spying on his 2016 campaign without evidence


President Donald Trump just attacked our closest ally by accusing the United Kingdom of spying on his 2016 campaign after a former CIA analyst who often appears on Russian state media pushed the debunked conspiracy theory on a conservative network in the United States.

Just a day after formally accepting an invitation for a State visit to the United Kingdom issued by Queen Elizabeth, Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to accuse our ally of espionage.

Johnson often makes appearances on Russian state television to defend Russian intelligence and accuse our own intelligence agencies of conspiracies in an effort to absolve Russia of meddling with the election. He’s not trustworthy and he certainly has no evidence to back up his claims and neither does Trump, who will say anything to distract from the damning Mueller report.

When asked about the accusation, British cybersecurity intelligence agency GCHQ outright denied it.

“As we have previously stated, the allegations that GCHQ was asked to conduct ‘wire tapping’ against the then President Elect are nonsense. They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored,” a GCHQ spokesperson told Reuters.

And Trump’s accusation makes it all the more clear why 50 members of parliament have signed a petition demanding the State visit be canceled.

The petition states:

That this House deplores the record of US President Donald Trump, including his misogynism, racism and xenophobia; condemns his previous comments on women, refugees and torture; condemns his lack of action on climate change and failure to support the Paris Climate Change Deal; condemns his sharing of online content related to a far-right extremist organisation in the UK; condemns his comments about the Mayor of London; and notes previous motions and debates in the House including on the withholding of the honour of a joint address to the Houses of Parliament; further notes the historical significance and honour that comes with the choice to offer a full state visit to an individual; and calls on the Prime Minister and the Government to rescind the advice to offer a full state visit to President Trump.

Now they can add false accusations to the list.

Nearly 2 million people signed a petition opposing a State visit to the United Kingdom by Trump earlier in his presidency, and he decided to cancel the visit himself because he expected the British government to force the people to lavish him with praise and didn’t get what he wanted.

Now the pressure to cancel this invitation will be much greater because Trump has no self-control and clearly has no qualms about falsely accusing one of our oldest allies of spying on our country.

This is how alliances are broken, not strengthened.

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