Trump brags about donating his POTUS salary and gets pelted with social media mockery

President Donald Trump absolutely loves patting himself on the back. No matter what he does, he wants and expects to be applauded and praised for it, no matter how inconsequential it may have been.

Such is the case with his so-called “donation” of his presidential salary to various U.S. government agencies, which he has repeatedly trumpeted all over social media.

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Once again Monday evening, Trump was in full self-congratulatory mode, showing off the check he just wrote to the Department of Homeland Security:

How generous of him, huh? He’s making a mint off his Washington, D.C. hotel and selling his crap merchandise online, but we’re supposed to praise him for kicking back a few bucks to the government he’s fleecing every chance he gets.

Let the well-deserved mocking begin:

Perhaps at this year’s White House Easter egg roll, Donald can hand out nickels and dimes to the children, then order them to bow and kiss his shoes.

Featured Image Via CBS News