Trump grosses America out by kissing college blonde who looks like his daughter during signing ceremony

Trump creepy

President Donald Trump went full-on creepy during a signing ceremony for an executive order forcing college campuses to let conservative bigots spread their hate on Thursday, resulting in America throwing up and collectively saying ‘Eew.’

The order threatens federal funding cuts against schools that dis-invite controversial conservative speakers and gives more power to conservatives over university officials because an accusation of free speech violations, which are largely imaginary, would threaten a school with funding cuts. Thus, it’s more like an assault on college campuses.

Trump signed the executive order at the White House. But then he spotted a young blonde woman and immediately approached her and awkwardly put his hands on her and kissed her. It’s almost as if he thought she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The creepy and inappropriate incident will certainly give George Conway more ammunition to question Trump’s mental health, but it also made America sick, as Twitter users demonstrated with their comments.

Seriously, this is yet another example showing that Trump has zero self-control and zero respect for the office he holds. This is beyond creepy and once again embarrasses the nation.

Featured Image: Screenshot