Trump refuses to secure 2020 election unless Democrats agree to pass voter ID laws


Even though he’s been told that Russia and other foreign adversaries (China, Iran) will seek to interfere with and influence the upcoming 2020 election, President Donald Trump is suggesting that unless and until Democrats in Congress agree to pass national voter ID laws, he won’t lift a finger to secure our elections.

On Tuesday evening, Trump tweeted out this:

A few minutes later, the president retweeted an April posting from Charlie Kirk, who serves as executive director of Turning Point USA, a student group devoted to the worship of all things Donald Trump:

Poor Donald still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes in the last election. Clinton did especially well in California, where she crushed Trump by the largest margin since 1936. She took home 61.5 percent of the California vote to Trump’s paltry 31.5 percent.

And then there’s the issue of voter fraud, which is virtually non-existent in the United States.

Just last year, Chris Cilizza of CNN reported that between the years of 2000-2014, there was a total of 31 cases of voter fraud among a billion votes cast.

No matter how he tries, Trump has yet to prove that voter fraud is rampant. He merely uses the specter of it so he can reject election security measures that might keep his friends in the Kremlin from assisting him in the next election. He’s even said he would welcome damaging information from a foreign nation if it would help him in his reelection effort!

Is the president nervous about the 2020 election? Yes, he most certainly is. And he’ll do anything he can to stay in office.

Featured Image Via CNN