Trump says economy and stock market will crash if Democrats dare to impeach him


A day after it was reported that he ordered his former attorney to lie to Congress, President Donald Trump went on Twitter Saturday morning and claimed that if Democrats impeach him, the U.S. economy would be irreparably harmed and the stock market will crash:

As usual, Trump’s “facts” are incorrect. The stock market under his so-called leadership has not gone up as much as it did under his predecessor, Barack Obama. As Quartz reported in October of last year, two months before the market had its worst showing in a decade:

“The S&P 500 is up 20% since Trump’s inauguration … At this stage in his presidency, the market under Trump has performed more strongly than just about every other modern president over the same period. Every president, that is, except Barack Obama.”

CNBC had this to say about the market’s performance under Trump at the end of December:

“For the quarter, the S&P 500 and Dow plunged 13.97 and 11.8 percent, respectively, their worst performances since 2011. The Nasdaq plunged 17.5 percent in the period, its biggest quarterly fall since 2008.”

The reason for the market instability we’ve seen under Trump can be blamed on his foolish trade war which has led to massive losses by U.S. businesses and farms.

Trump was reminded of those facts by others on social media:

Featured Image Via NBC News