Trump Throws Temper Tantrum After Tax Plan Passes In House

Donald Trump can’t even “win” right.

Every single Democrat in the House voted against Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax bill on Thursday along with 13 Republicans, making the opposition to the legislation a bipartisan effort. But 227 Republicans banded together to pass it, thus obeying their wealthy corporate masters and throwing the vast majority of Americans under the bus.

While most Americans will see a tax increase, wealthy individuals like Trump and many members of his Cabinet will get even richer. And corporations will get to hide even money overseas rather than spend any creating jobs.

On Friday morning, Trump bragged about the stock market and claimed that the tax plan would make it go up even more.

The problem is that most Americans don’t have stocks. The stock market is not a useful metric when measuring the health of the economy. And the fact remains that the stock market was hitting record highs during President Obama’s administration and continued to do so as Trump took office in January. In short, Trump is taking credit for something Obama did. Surprise, surprise.

Also, the economy under Trump is still running on Obama-era policies because Trump has not signed a single piece of significant economic legislation into law.

But rather than celebrating a passage of a major piece of his agenda, which would be the first major economic policy Trump could sign into law if it passes the Senate, he whined about how Democrats did not vote for his bill.

Of course, that’s complete bullshit. Even if Democrats offered, their support Republicans would not have allowed them to put any of their ideas into the bill.

Lowering taxes for the poor and middle class would be beneficial, but reducing taxes on the wealthy does nothing but harm. Over the last 40 years, Republicans have relentlessly cut taxes on corporations and the top income brackets while claiming that benefits will “trickle-down” to rest of us. Trickle-down economics has been a disastrous failure in this country, causing the national debt to skyrocket while taking away crucial dollars that could pay for programs Americans need. Rather than put the tax savings to use, so-called “job creators” merely hoard the extra cash and hide it overseas.

Trump’s tax plan has even been compared to the devastating tax cuts enacted by Republicans in Kansas, which cratered the state’s economy.

The plan is also an outrageous assault on women’s rights.

If Trump really wants Democrats to support his policies, perhaps he should give them something real to contribute to instead of demanding that they just blindly vote for his toxic agenda.