Twitter Blasts Trump’s Pathetic Hanukkah Message

Hanukkah menorah

President Donald Trump pretended to care about Jewish people on Sunday by wishing them a happy Hanukkah on Twitter, but considering his tolerance of Nazis, Twitter users were having none of it.

After over 24 hours of glorious silence from Trump on social media, he returned by having the gall to mark the start of Hanukkah.

Unfortunately, Trump track record with the Jewish community is in shambles. After all, he called Nazis “fine people” as violence and murder broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, incited an increase of violence by right-wing extremists, one of which murdered several Jewish parishioners in a Pittsburgh synagogue, and is putting identification numbers on the wrists of immigrants and placing them in internment camps even though Hitler did the same thing.

Clearly, Trump is unworthy of offering a Hanukkah message. And Twitter threw the book at him for it.

As usual, Americans will have to turn to a real president for this year’s Hanukkah message.

Featured Image: Wikimedia