WATCH Michael Cohen shame Congressman Jim Jordan for trying to put words in his mouth

During his Congressional testimony Wednesday morning, Michael Cohen, who served as President Donald Trump’s personal attorney for 10 years, wasn’t shy about fighting back against Republicans on the committee who tried to make up facts and pass them off as truth.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) began his questioning by saying that he had served as director of two different banks before he came to Congress and wanted to ask about loans he took out to build a summer home and accused him of committing bank fraud. Cohen quickly corrected him:

“I’ve never purchased a summer home. No individual or no bank in the 22 years that I’ve had loans have ever lost a dollar with me. I owe no money to any bank.”

Comer then inquired:

“Did your loyalty to Donald trump cause you to defraud a bank?”

Cohen was more than ready for that question:

“I take exception to that I have never defrauded any bank.”

The Kentucky Congressman then wondered:

“You called Donald trump a cheat in your opening testimony; what would you call yourself?”

The former fixer for Trump replied:

“A fool.”

Once Comer had yielded back the remainder of his time to the ranking Republican on the committee, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), angrily accused Cohen of denying what prosecutors with the Southern District of New York had said in their charging documents. But Cohen was quick to remind Jordan that he wasn’t being truthful:

“That’s not what I said and you know its not what I said. Shame on you, Mr. Jordan.
There are people watching me today that know me a whole lot better. I made mistakes I own them.”

Despite their attempts to trip up Cohen and twist his words to suit their own misplaced loyalty to President Trump, Republicans questioning Michael Cohen have instead proven that they will defend a man who may have committed treason, laundered money, and paid off women he had extramarital affairs with. They have no shame, and their blind support for a man as deeply flawed as the current president is already coming back to haunt them.

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