Woman Says This GOP Adviser Held Her As A Sex Slave

Feature Image via Las Vegas Review-Journal

A Las Vegas GOP political advisor who worked on several high profile campaigns now faces domestic battery charges. His ex-fiance says he kept hir as a sex slave. Allegedly, she was forced to wear a collar, stay naked constantly, and submit to sex-on-demand among other things.


The woman, whose name was not released, alleged that GOP adviser Benjamin Sparks had her sign a five-page contract that stated she was his “slave and property.” The victim gave the Las Vegas Review-Journal several documents to back up her story, including emails and text messages.

According to the contract, the woman was forced to remain naked at all times, except the collar she was forced to wear in private. She had to have sex with Sparks whenever he demanded, as well.

And much like an underlying made to genuflect to a tyrant, she was also forced to kneel and lower her eyes whenever Sparks approached her.

Spark’s ex-fiance told reporters that the Republican consultant was “very demanding” and that he “never took no for an answer.” The couple met on November 2 and Sparks presented the woman with the contract the very next day.


The relationship moved very fast, and the violence seemed to get worse as time went on. The woman told the newspaper that:

“Over the last month it escalated into very rough sex where he’s actually hurt me. He backhanded me… and forced himself on me.”

Things came to a head on March 29 when the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police responded to the couple’s home for a domestic violence dispute. Text messages uncovered by police showed that Sparks asked the woman to have sex with several other men while he watched all while being tied up and wearing a blindfold.

It was when she objected to those sex acts that things took a violent turn.

Allegedly, Sparks blocked the woman from leaving the house for several hours and called the police to report that she attempted suicide. The woman claimed that was never the case.

The woman was missing a fingernail and had a bruise on her left thumb. She refused to give a statement to the police.


Even without a statement from the victim, police say they have:

“…Probable cause to arrest Sparks for domestic battery.”

However, Sparks has not been arrested because he already disappeared. According to his ex-fiance, he has a house in Dripping Springs, Texas, and that’s where police suspect he is hiding out.

When the alleged domestic violence incident took place, Sparks was working as a consultant for former Nevada Representative Cresent Hardy’s campaign. Not only was he fired from that job, but a firm called RedRock Strategies also canned Sparks as a result of the disturbance.

Previously, Sparks worked for other notable campaigns around the country including former Governor Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign as well as Rob Portman’s Senate run in 2010. On top of that, he was also named New Jersey’s Republican state committee communications director.

The woman shared her story in light of the #MeToo movement and in hopes that she will help prevent another woman from making the same mistake.

From the party that continues to claim the moral high ground, Republicans sure do seem to house a whole army of sexual deviants.

Feature Image via Las Vegas Review-Journal.