2012 Anti-Obama Tweet Comes Back To Bite Trump Squarely On The A**


It has been said that there’s a Donald Trump tweet for every occasion under the sun, and that axiom came true yet again this weekend when a 2012 social media posting from the current president surfaced to take a big bite out of his prodigious rump.

Here’s the tweet, which references former President Barack Obama naming three chiefs of staff in his first three years in office:

Karma came back to pay a visit to Trump when it was announced that current Chief of Staff John Kelly will be leaving the administration before the end of the year. That makes two chiefs of staff for Trump (and a new one on the way, which will make three) for his first two years in office, which puts him on a pace to potentially surpass Obama in that dubious realm.

Let the social media mocking begin!

Do you suppose the next Trump chief of staff plans to stick around for the impeachment proceedings? Only time will tell. Keep tweeting, Donnie!

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot