Trump with painting by Vincent van Gogh

New Allegations Fuel Speculation Trump’s Behavior Could Be Caused By An STD

President Donald Trump's disturbingly temperamental behavior, which even friends and allies say is "spiraling out of control" is the subject of much speculation. Recent...
Randy Bryce, Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s Challenger Randy Bryce Says He ‘Doesn’t Know What Struggle Is’

A Democratic challenger for Speaker of the House Paul Rayan's (R-Wis.) position, Randy "Ironstache" Bryce appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews, where he made...
Dr. David Shulkin

Head Of Veterans Affairs Next On The President’s Chopping Block

Apparently not satisfied with the record turnover in his administration, President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to take it up a notch.  The New York...
VA chief, David Shulkin

New Policy Makes It Easier To Fire Veterans Affairs Employees… For Whistleblowing

The President, known for his "You're fired!" sound bite on The Apprentice, made it much easier for the Department of Veterans Affairs(VA) to say...

Pharma Bro Ordered To Forfeit $7.4 Million In Assets To The US

Since there has been so much inexplicable craziness and chaos occurring daily in the Trump Administration, it's easy to forget about some of the...

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randy rainbow poor deplorable troll

Randy Rainbow’s Triumphant “Poor Deplorable Troll” Nails Trump, Perfectly

If you are a 90s child, "poor unfortunate soul" is a tune that will never leave your mind, and Ursula singing it is the...
allies and protesters face off with police

Amplify Black Voices: POC Don’t Need Us To Speak, They Need Us To Listen

Let me start here: I am a white woman. I have a lot to say about the protests, police brutality, race relations in the...
Trump rejects responsibility for poison control calls increase across the country

Watch Trump’s Responses Over Time as 5 States See Rise in Poison Control Calls

On April 23, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic sweeping across the country, Donald Trump addressed the nation and broached the subject of...

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