Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump Rally Behind Malia Obama

Internet trolls and tabloid papers rely on the ugliest sentiments expressed in society in order to catch attention, get clicks, and sell stories. In a recent tabloid trash story, pictures show Malia Obama blowing smoke rings and kissing an unidentified young man.

The pictures of Malia, who is a young adult and college student, were used to try to trash her and her parents. Internet trolls made vile racist comments calling Malia a “baboon” and a “monkey.”

Two other first daughters came to Malia’s defense. Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton and current First Daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to show their support for Malia. Chelsea Clinton said,

Ivanka Trump responded with support as well saying,

After the pictures were posted the right-wing blog, the Daily Caller was flooded with racist comments.

One racist troll responded to Ivanka Trump’s support of Malia by saying, “She looks like a baboon when she blows smoke rings.”

Another responded to a post that said “Leave Malia Obama alone” by saying, “the obamanable Malia is fair game like any other monkey, besides she does a good job at earning the criticism she been gettin.”

Another responded to that same tweet saying, “Not only No but Hell NO ….. With or without our help one or both will end up behind bars from bad Parenting and Obama has no one to blame but the parents.”

While the racist trolls came out of the woodwork to spew their vile hatred all over twitter, still more came forward to support Malia Obama. Many tweeted some version of “Leave Malia alone.” Others pointed to the hypocrisy on the right, like this Twitter user who said,

Many responded pointing out the fact that the pictures showed nothing more then Malia behaving like a typical college student,

Others pointed out the “friends” who were willing to sell Malia out to the tabloids saying things like,

Still, others pointed out the misplaced outrage over Malia Obama behaving in a perfectly legal manner while the country faces many far more pressing issues,

While many bigotted, racist, ugly trolls were thrilled with the opportunity to trash Malia Obama, the outpouring of love and support trumped the hate.