CNN legal analyst: William Barr’s conspiracy theory about ‘spying’ sounds a lot like Sean Hannity

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s chief legal analyst, says he thinks Attorney General William Barr has become nothing but a political hack who is willing to spout ludicrous conspiracy theories in order to curry favor with his boss, President Donald Trump.

Appearing on “Anderson Cooper 360” Wednesday evening, Toobin let it be known that Barr has lost the tiny shred of credibility he might have once had years ago:

“This is a classic demonstration of the Fox News-ification of the Republican Party. That even an establishment figure like Bill Barr, someone who comes out of the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, talks like Sean Hannity.”

Toobin then focused on on Barr’s comments before a Senate committee on Tuesday when the attorney general said he believed the 2016 Trump campaign might have been spied on by American law enforcement and intelligence agencies:

“This is a completely loaded term, completely false. And by the way he didn’t just use the word ‘spying.’ He said he was going to conduct some sort of investigation of whether there was spying. That is a President Trump talking point.”

Clearly, Toobin noted, Barr’s willingness to parrot debunked theories about why the Mueller investigation was begun proves that “the paranoid lunacy of the right-wing” has even permeated the Department of Justice, which is supposed to remain politically neutral in such matters. He added:

“This is where the Republican Party is today.”

The GOP has become the GOTP, the Grand Old Trump Party, and it’s sole mission is to protect Donald Trump no matter what he says or does. The cult of personality that has been built around the current president blinds most Republicans to fulfilling their Constitutional duty to serve as a check and balance on the executive branch.

William Barr is a compromised man and he will wind up being a disaster as attorney general. In other words, he’s exactly what Trump was hoping he’d be.

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