Doctors BURY The NRA For Whining About Their Support For Gun Control


The National Rifle Association (NRA) sank to an unbelievably outrageous new low this week as the country deals with a string of mass shootings that includes 12 people murdered in Thousand Oaks, California.

As we all know, guns inflict wounds that require immediate medical attention. It’s not the NRA who have to fix bones and flesh, but doctors and nurses at hospitals. Doctors and nurses deal with gunshot victims all the time, more frequently these days. They witness the wounds, the blood, and the heartbreak when they lose a patient and have to inform families.

The NRA does NONE of that all while insisting that “thoughts and prayers” will stop mass shootings and that what America needs is more guns on the streets.

Not surprisingly, medical professionals largely support gun control because they see first-hand that guns are a health crisis in this country.

On Wednesday, the NRA whined about their support for gun control and told doctors to “stay in their lane,” and appeared to demand that doctors consult them before talking about guns.

That didn’t go over very well with medical professionals, who responded by burying the NRA on Twitter.

The NRA is seriously out of line here. Because while doctors and nurses often have blood on their hands, it’s because they are working desperately to save lives. The NRA has blood on their hands because they value guns more than they value those lives.


Featured Image: Wikimedia