Don Jr. Gets An Internet Smackdown After Whining About A Hillary ‘Double Standard’

Trump Jr. Hillary Clinton

Much like his father, Donald Trump Jr. absolutely loves Fox News — aka Trump TV — because it specializes in propagating lies and spewing right-wing claptrap about any number of topics, with an emphasis on accusing Hillary Clinton of just about everything except starting the Second World War.

Junior was following the Twitter feed for “Fox & Friends” this week when he ran across this juicy little nugget:

In response, Don Jr. made this posting on Instagram, which he also shared on Twitter Saturday morning:

Once again, we see the absolute obsession by conservatives with Hillary Clinton, who, it should be noted, was completely exonerated by the FBI in when it comes to her emails. And of course Junior also conveniently neglected to mention that his father begged Russia to hack Clinton and release her emails, which just so happens to be a federal crime.

In response to his inane postings, Don Jr. was immediately slapped around by social media:

Two years after the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton continues to live rent free in every Trump family member’s head. Tells you there’s probably not much else rattling around in their craniums.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot