Elizabeth Warren calls for Trump’s impeachment and explains why to Rachel Maddow

Screen capture by MSNBC via YouTube video

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) became the first Democratic 2020 candidate to call for impeaching President Donald Trump on Friday after reading the entire Mueller report, and she’s so serious she explained why to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

If you’ve read the Mueller report, you know that Attorney General William Barr is full of sh*t because it listed ten instances of obstruction committed by Trump and goes into great detail about just how much he has disgraced the presidency, how much he and his cronies lied to the American people, and how hard he tried to undermine the investigation.

The report is so damning that Kellyanne Conway’s husband and conservative attorney George Conway openly called for Congress to impeach Trump in a Washington Post op-ed.

Now Warren has joined that call, first by making her case on Twitter.

As we all know, some Democrats have ducked the topic of impeachment, but the Mueller report puts the ball in Congress’ court because it’s literally a road map for impeachment. Trump’s behavior is just too great to ignore, and Barr’s excuses for Trump are unacceptable.

Noting that many Democrats have balked on the issue, Warren explained to Rachel Maddow that she made her decision upon finishing the report

“I was on an airplane yesterday and started reading it and I read it way into the night last night and I got to the end and realized, this is about a point of principle,” Warren said. “The report is absolutely clear, that a foreign government attacked our electoral system to help Donald Trump, he welcomed that help and then when it was investigated by our own federal authorities, Donald Trump took multiple steps to try to obstruct justice.”

“This isn’t about politics, this isn’t even specifically about Donald Trump himself,” she continued. “It is about what a president of the United States should be able to do and what the role of Congress is in saying, no, a president does not get to come in and stop an investigation about a foreign power that attacked this country or an investigation about his own wrongdoing.”

“Equal justice under law, no one is above the law and that includes the president of the United States,” she concluded. “It is the constitutional responsibility of Congress to follow through on that.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Elizabeth Warren just upped the ante in the Democratic 2020 primary race and we could certainly see other candidates follow suit now that she is leading the way. And that could pressure House Democrats to act and do their constitutional duty even if Senate Republicans refuse to do so. At least Democrats will be able to say they stood up for what is right.

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