Eric Trump attacks NBC for reporting on firings at his daddy’s golf club

Much like his father, Eric Trump absolutely hates when the media dares to report something negative about anything with the name “Trump” attached to it.

On Sunday, NBC News reported that at least 12 workers had been fired from Trump’s Westchester County golf club for being undocumented immigrants. According to the fired employees, top officials at the club knew they were living in the U.S. illegally. One of them, Gabriel Sedano, told NBC:

“I told them no, so … after that they say so the company cannot keep you there. I start crying because I told them — like, I’ve been working for so long. The only thing I did wrong was work, work and work.”

But according to Eric, it’s shameful and “truly heartbreaking” that NBC made his father and the golf club look bad:

Who is on vacation in Hawaii? Congress is currently in session and no one takes as many vacations/golf days/TV watching time than the current president.

Also, how big of a hypocrite can Eric and his entire family possibly be? They hire undocumented workers and then only fire them when its politically expedient, destroying the lives of these people who merely want to work and provide for their families.

Fortunately, social media took Eric down a few pegs for his whining:

Featured Image Via NBC News