Trump enraged after scathing tell-all book tells the truth about his inept presidency

Cliff Sims, author of Team of Vipers. Screen capture by The View via YouTube video

A new book by a former White House aide paints a biting and particularly unflattering portrait of the Trump administration and President Donald Trump is enraged.

Trump is “very pissed off” about the book Team of Vipers, written by Cliff Sims, White House sources told Politico. However, Raw Story reminds us this is just one of a number of tell-all books that describe the White House as continual pandemonium thanks to Trump’s bull-in-a-china-shop approach to pretty much everything.

“The president is sort of chomping at the bit to tap this guy and tweet something to the effect of, ‘I didn’t know who this guy was. He taped videos,'” a former White House staffer told Politico.

One anecdote, in particular, highlights Trump’s habit of befuddling people by issuing bizarre orders, Sims writes.

When Larry Kudlow, Trump’s current economic adviser started his new job, Trump ordered him to stop a “special deal” in which Amazon was supposedly benefitting from via the United States Postal Service.

The trouble is, the deal never existed.

Color Kudlow confused. His predecessor, Gary Cohn just told Kudlow to do something he’d been doing for months: ignore Trump.

“Welcome to the White House… it’s total bullsh*t,” Cohn told Kudlow, Sims writes.

“I shouldn’t do anything about this?” Kudlow asked, and Cohn responded that he would do best to pretend that Trump hadn’t said anything.

“Now you know why I’m happy to be leaving,” Kudlow said Cohn told him.

During his time with Trump Cohn allegedly stopped him from igniting a trade war with U.S. ally South Korea by snatching documents from the president’s desk, thus causing Trump to forget he was ever planning to slap tariffs on Seoul.

Some White House advisers are discouraging Trump from attacking Sims, saying it will only provide more publicity for the book and that it’s “beneath” a man of Trump’s stature. There is no word on whether they were joking when they said this.

And of course, Sims’ book isn’t the first one to put the president in an unflattering light. Omarosa Manigault Newman described him as mentally unstable in her book Unhinged. And sales of Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, perhaps the most incendiary book about Trump’s presidency, sailed past 1.7 million copies within one month of its’ publication.

Trump was not happy about that book either.

Perhaps slapping “sloppy Steve Bannon” made him feel a bit better. Seriously though, has there ever been a president as inept as Trump? One wonders.

In the video below, Sims is interviewed by the hosts of The View.

Featured image by The View via YouTube video