Fox host Pete Hegseth gushes over Trump: ‘This guy has the thickest skin’

If there’s one thing we know about President Donald Trump after watching him for the past two and a half years in the White House, it’s that he’s unable to accept criticism of any kind whatsoever. He bristles when anyone dares to say a cross word about him and blames others even when he’s the one who should accept responsibility.

But according to Fox News host Pete Hegseth, Trump has “the thickest skin” and should be praised for his restraint and willingness to take the barbs of his opponents. Hegseth (with a straight face, no less) declared on “Fox & Friends,” the morning blabfest on the right-wing network:

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“It’s interesting you hear the narrative from the left that they’re getting under his skin. I think it’s the opposite. This guy’s got the thickest skin considering the investigations and the resistance he’s been under.”

Yeah, Trump’s skin is so thick that when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dared suggest last week that Trump was involved in a “cover-up,” the president stormed out of the room and said he wouldn’t work with congressional Democrats on any legislation until they ended their investigations of him.

Co-host Griff Jenkins then joined the slobbering sycophancy:

“They used to say that politics ended at the water’s edge. That’s out the door, and it’s been out the door for quite some time. Yesterday on Sunday, as Democrats, of course, attacked the president, there’s more talk of impeachment on the campaign trail. The president had a press conference fighting back against what he believes is his desire to be transparent.”

Fellow Trump worshiper and co-host Jedidiah Bila then chimed in, trying to sound like she was tough:

“If I were President Trump, I would be far more infuriated than what I’ve seen him from him. They’re lucky I’m not in the White House right now.”

Are they talking about the same Donald Trump who constantly criticized former President Barack Obama for eight years and repeatedly said Obama was an illegitimate president, alleging he hadn’t been born in the United States? Where were the Fox News talking heads when that happened? They were cheering right along with Trump and other birthers, demanding that Obama produce his birth certificate.

Donald Trump whines more than most two-year-old children. He’s a thin-skinned man child who needs to be removed from office.

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