Fox Host To Trump: Stop Attacking Companies Like Amazon

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President Donald Trump is obsessed with Amazon. And not in a good way.

Over the past several days, Trump has repeatedly attacked the online retail giant and its owner, Jeff Bezos, accusing them of taking advantage of the United States Post Office and suggesting he may have the government look into them as possibly being a monopoly.

Trump’s continued Twitter barbs aimed at Amazon and Bezos have gotten so extreme that even his normally loyal subjects over at Fox News and Fox Business are getting sick and tired of it.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo was speaking with Bill Hemmer of Fox News Tuesday morning, and initially it sounded as if Bartiromo was on the same page with Trump:

“For starters … I think the president has to be careful about calling out individual companies, number one.

“Having said that, I do think that there is an issue about dominance. Every industry is getting afraid of big bad Amazon because it’s coming in and disrupting that industry, whether it’s grocery stores or health care, insurance and beyond, [such as] media.”

But then Bartiromo added she wasn’t pleased with the president’s fusillade of attacks on Amazon or any other company, commenting:

“So I think this president has shown us that he doesn’t like dominance, whether it be dominance in terms of this AT&T-Time Warner deal, and trying to scrutinize that to see if they’ll have a dominant position on media, and Amazon.

“I think there is risk in the president calling out individual companies. I don’t think anybody wants to see that.”

And yet that’s exactly what Trump’s doing: Calling out individual companies, sending the stock market lower, and proving that he knows absolutely nothing about how to be president or a good businessman. If he could just learn to keep his big mouth shut and stay off Twitter, there’s a tiny chance he might accomplish something from time to time. But he won’t, so we’re stuck with this idiot as he goes about the process of destroying this great nation from his perch in the Oval Office.

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