Fox legal analyst: Cohen’s testimony implicates Trump in four felonies (Video)


Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano is saying that testimony from President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, implicates the president in at least four very serious crimes.

The first crime Napolitano highlighted involves the release of emails from the Clinton campaign by WikiLeaks:

“If the conversation [Cohen] says he overheard with Roger Stone is true, then the president lied under oath, because the president swore to the accuracy of his answers to the written questions from [Special Counsel Robert Mueller], one of which was: ‘Did you speak to Roger Stone about Julian Assange?’ Answer: No.”

The second felony is if Trump knew about the meeting at Trump Tower his son, Don Jr., took with Russian nationals to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton:

“If what Michael Cohen says is true, that the president knew about the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower in June 2016, then he lied under oath, because he told Bob Mueller he didn’t know about it.”

And then there’s the matter of hush money payments to women who allege they had affairs with Trump. Those payments contain the other two crimes the president may have committed, Napolitano explained:

“In one case there is corroborating evidence, and that is the payments by Trump signed while he was president to Michael Cohen, showing a debt from the president to Cohen. The president swore in his financial statements filed with the Department of the Treasury he didn’t have any debts with Cohen.

“And two months after he swore to the accuracy of that, he starts writing checks of $35,000 a month to Cohen. That extends the conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission of accurate campaign information into the president’s presidency.”

Those crimes, along with whatever evidence Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have regarding a possible conspiracy between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, would certainly give Congress plenty of evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors” called for in the Constitution if a president is to be impeached.

Expect more witnesses and more public hearings featuring other witnesses in the weeks ahead, along with increasing calls for impeachment proceedings to begin.

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