Ivanka Trump may have to testify before Congress for her role in Trump Tower Moscow deal


Ivanka Trump may be forced to testify before Congress on her role in the controversial Trump Tower Moscow deal that was being negotiated with Russian officials during the 2016 election.

Axios reports that the expanding Russia probe being conducted by House Democrats means that the president’s daughter may be subpoenaed to tell what she knows about the planned building project in Russia:

“A Democratic member of Congress suggested at a roundtable with reporters this week that lawmakers may seek testimony from Ivanka Trump.

“The lawmaker said Democrats have ‘made no decision as to Ivanka Trump,’ but ‘obviously there are a number of public reports about her involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow deal, and she may very well have relevant information.’

“‘[W]e will … sequence the interviews that we do with an eye towards knowing as much as we can before we bring in potential witnesses.'”

That same Democrat added that the Congressional investigation which will run parallel to the one underway by Special Counsel Robert Mueller will also explore Trump’s possible financial ties to other nations, especially “potential Gulf money.”:

“‘[T]hey may be distinct but overlapping when it comes to, for example, funding the inauguration. There may have been efforts to illegally funnel Russian money as well as Gulf money.’

“The lawmaker also pointed to ‘public reports of seeking to get money in the Gulf to support a clandestine social media effort to help the Trump campaign.'”

On Tuesday, House Democrats announced they had laid out a road map for a new, aggressive probe of Trump and Russia which will include multiple committees and public hearings, some of which may last into 2020. The blueprint announced includes:

  • The House Intelligence Committee will take the lead, and coordinate with House Financial Services on suspected money-laundering by the Trump Organization.
  • Discovering what was said in a Trump private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which could include subpoenaing the notes or subpoenaing or American interpreter.

Featured Image Via the BBC