Jared Kushner Gets Supremely Trolled For Wanting To Be The Next Chief Of Staff

On Thursday, it was reported that Jared Kushner is being considered to fill the post of chief of staff to President Donald Trump. Apparently, it’s not enough that Trump’s son-in-law is already a senior adviser to the president (along with Trump’s daughter, Ivanka), so Jared’s name suddenly came up.

Of course, it’s not like anyone else wants the thankless task of trying to keep the notoriously unfocused president on task. Multiple candidates have reportedly withdrawn their names from consideration, and there’s even a suggestion that any future chief of staff would have to meet with the approval of not only Trump, but Jared and Ivanka, too.

But even if Kushner isn’t named chief of staff, at least we’ll get something out of it in the form of the snarky tweets that were posted in response. Take a look:

Meanwhile, in a distant office somewhere in the West Wing, Mike Pence silently prays Jared doesn’t have designs on being Veep.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot