Joe Scarborough rips McConnell a new one for accusing Democrats of political ‘showboating’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) hypocritically accused Democrats of “political spite” and “showboating” for not giving President Donald Trump what he wants, drawing a brutal rebuke from “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday.

Trump’s government shutdown has now lasted 34 days and he refuses to end it because he is demanding billions of dollars to build a useless wall on the southern border. Meanwhile, the House has passed several bills to re-open the government, but McConnell refuses to bring any of them up for a vote because he knows they will have enough Republican support to pass. After all, he voted for the same package of bills in December.

But McConnell is going bring up a bill featuring Trump’s fake “compromise” offer to Democrats, which is three temporary years of relief for DACA recipients and refugees under programs he initially ended and could easily end again if he is re-elected in exchange for a permanent wall. In the end, Democrats would get nothing. That’s not a compromise at all.

On Wednesday, McConnell attacked Democrats for not taking the offer.

This is particularly hypocritical of McConnell, who spent eight years obstructing former President Barack Obama and even refused to confirm his Supreme Court nominee for a year out of spite so that Trump could fill the seat himself, something Scarborough reminded McConnell in response.

Other Twitter users also chimed in.

Clearly, McConnell is the problem in Washington DC. After years of obstruction and political spite against Obama, he is now pretending that he did nothing of the sort while whining about Democrats not bowing down to Trump’s demands like good little subjects. He should be ashamed of himself, but he doesn’t possess the ability to do so. And that’s why the only solution is to oust him from office along with Trump in 2020.

Featured Image: Wikimedia