Melania Trump torched on Twitter after vowing to ‘continue’ fighting for children

First Lady Melania Trump wants us all to know that she’s an advocate for children, and she made sure of publicizing that on her husband’s favorite social media site, Twitter, this week:

First of all, exactly what “work” is she referring to? Her online safety campaign is supposed to be so damn important to her, but she refuses to tell her husband to practice what she’s preaching. Instead, he attacks everyone and spreads vicious lies on Twitter.

Fighting opioid abuse? How is Melania doing that? By visiting a halfway house for addicts once a year? Wow! What a great contribution.

But it was her mention of children that set off the biggest firestorm online, where she was reminded that her husband separated immigrant children from their parents and incarcerated them in modern-day internment camps:

Featured Image Via MSNBC