MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance Shreds ‘Draft Dodging Chickenhawk Coward’ Trump

Malcolm Nance has devoted his life to protecting the United States, first in the U.S. Navy and now as an author and security analyst. And he’s had quite enough of President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on American military commanders who have criticized Trump for withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria.

On Monday, Trump doubled down on his Syria policy, noting on Twitter that he was no longer paying attention to “failed generals” when it came to military policy:

That was on tweet too many for Nance, who quickly dressed down Trump on social media, excoriating him as a “chickenhawk coward.”

Nance got plenty of support from others on Twitter:

That’s what you call speaking truth to power. Bravo, Mr. Nance! America salutes you.

Featured Image Via MSNBC Screenshot