MSNBC Guest: Trump Suffers From ‘Border Wall Personality Disorder’ (VIDEO)


Donald Trump now presides over the longest shutdown in American history, all because he’s demanding billions of dollars for a border wall that would be completely ineffective and complete waste of money.

On MSNBC Saturday morning, host David Gura was discussing the wall and shutdown with a panel of guests, noting:

“You have a president now who is talking about potentially having this drag on for a month, or months, or years. That is something that has been uttered by this president of the United States.”

Panelist Lizz Winstead, co-creator of “The Daily Show,” said most Trump supporters don’t really understand how the shutdown is harming nearly a million federal workers:

“Well, I think that for people who buy into every single thing this president says, they look at the federal workforce as people who are living in the swamp and deserve their swampy behavior and they don’t realize the overwhelming majority of the federal workforce doesn’t live in Washington, D.C.

“So when those people start talking to their elected officials, and they say I am super struggling, that is what we are going to have to wait for.”

Winstead then added that we need a name for this obsession with building a wall and suggested Border Wall Personality Disorder:

“I literally think we should come up with a mental disorder called Border Wall Personality Disorder.”




“Yeah, BWPD, because it’s the only thing that’s keeping him going at this point. And the historical nature with which it originated, to the doubling down on it, to the human suffering because of it, is a profound disorder to me at this point.”

Those who ardently support this president love to say that anyone who disagrees with him has Trump Derangement Syndrome, so it’s only fair that we diagnose Trump and his fans with Border Wall Derangement Syndrome. Sadly, however, nearly a million federal workers are having to suffer as a result of Trump’s childish whims.

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