Twitter Buries Trump With Facts For Claiming To Be ‘Tougher On Russia’ Than Past Presidents

Trump Russia

President Donald Trump once again claimed to be “tougher on Russia” after going on a tirade about the FBI and the Russia investigation, only to be taken to the woodshed by fact-wielding Twitter users.

Upon learning of the New York Times report revealing that the FBI opened a secret investigation of Trump in May 2017 after he fired former FBI Director James Comey, Trump had a meltdown and threw a tantrum on Twitter attacking the FBI, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton before claiming that he’s tough on the Russians, only to then undermine his own claim by bragging about his “good relations” with the Russians:

Trump has made this claim before, and it has been repeatedly debunked, which is why Twitter users were armed with facts when they responded:

Indeed, Trump has repeatedly laid down for Putin every chance he gets, including every time he attacks NATO. Trump also surrendered the battlefield in Syria to the Russians despite the fact that ISIS is not defeated.

In fact, Trump has largely refrained from saying anything bad about Putin and has shrunk whenever given the opportunity to confront him on the world stage. That’s not being tough. Ether Trump is owned by the Russians or he’s a coward. Or both.

So many actions Trump has taken since taking office have benefited the Russians, including his trade war with China because the Chinese are now buying soybeans from Russia instead of American farmers.

Trump is surrendering American leadership in the world to Russian aggression. He has never been, nor will he ever be, tough on Russia. He is, by far, the weakest president when it comes to Russia, and every Cold War president is rolling in their grave.

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