Narcissist-In-Chief Trump Whines About Not Being Portrayed As A Hero

Image license CC SA 2.0 by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

President Donald Trump threw a hissy fit on Twitter Thursday evening because he’s not being portrayed as a hero for starting a trade war with China.

While watching Fox Business, he saw host Charles Payne interview Michael Pillsbury, who complained about Trump’s critics and claimed that they should be regarding Trump as a “hero” for starting a trade war with China that has been disastrous to American farmers, especially soybean farmers.

Well, that praise caught Trump’s attention, so he immediately repeated it on Twitter and made sure to put the word “hero” in all caps.

Again, Trump has not done anything heroic in his entire life. He’s a coward who dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War and his decision to start a trade war with China has caused irrevocable harm to the United States economy, especially since he also started trade wars with Canada, Mexico and the European Union at the same time.

Twitter users blasted Trump for whining about not being considered a hero.

What’s truly infuriating is that this isn’t the first time Trump has complained about not being hailed as a hero.

On New Year’s Eve, Trump claimed that he should be considered a hero because of his decision to surrender in Syria while abandoning our allies while ISIS is still active in the region.

Seriously, Trump’s narcissism apparently knows no bounds.

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