Watch Parkland Dad Level Marco Rubio For Cowardly Response To Massacre (Video)

During an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy, the father of a teen who was murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, lambasted Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for cowardly taking to Twitter to disparage the survivors and families severely affected by the loss of their loved ones. Incredibly enough, the NRA-loving Senator didn’t so much as attempt to console the man with a sympathy call even though hundreds of others did.

Rubio was rightfully destroyed on Twitter after disingenuously offering his pointless “thoughts and prayers” to the survivors of the parkland shooting after it was revealed how much money Rubio accepted from the NRA.  That didn’t sit very well with Fred Guttenberg, the Parkland dad who lost his daughter Jaime in the school massacre. Guttenberg pointed out how these spineless and do nothing politicians would rather “let children die.” 

Regarding the NRA, Guttenberg called it “A nothing organization, other than the aura of power. You can go against the NRA and be fine. For those elected officials that won’t do the right thing on behalf of my family and all the others, we will fire them.” Guttenberg then shifted his attention to Rubio telling him to stay out of the debate, saying the Republican senator has “nothing to add” and “no business being involved in this if you can’t be productive.”

“I want to say something about Senator Rubio,” he continued. “Every single elected official in the state that represents me, as well as some on a national level or from other states, called me to offer condolences. Senator Rubio? Not even a tweet. Not even a text or phone call. The idea that he is going to judge me and the other families when he is the only person that didn’t personally reach out? I’m sorry,you have no standing to speak to us on this issue, you lost that long ago. You are clear as to who your commitment is to.”

Watch the fiery segment below:

Featured image via YouTube