Pete Buttigieg concedes to Franklin Graham and Mike Pence that he has much to repent for concerning his marriage


Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has a fantastic response to anti-gay bigots Franklin Graham and Vice-President Mike Pence for calling his marriage a “sin” that drew applause on Wednesday from the audience.

Fresh off a Fox News town hall in which he drew cheers for saying he doesn’t give a damn about President Donald Trump’s playground insults on Twitter, Mayor Pete took on Pence and evangelical pastor Franklin Graham during an event in New York after Jonathan Capehart asked him about Graham demanding he repent for being gay and married to a man.

Both Graham and Pence share this view.

But Buttigieg had a brilliant response.

“I guess I would say that we all have a lot to repent for,” Buttigieg said. “I have a lot to repent for when it comes to my marriage. Moments when I have not been as caring as I should be, moments when I’ve been selfish, moments when I’ve said a harsh word that I wish I could take back. But one thing that I absolutely should not be repentant for in the context of my marriage is the fact that I’m in love with my husband.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

This was an incredibly vulnerable moment for Buttigieg and he reacted beautifully. People got to see a side to a politician they rarely get to see. They saw a man being human and that’s more than Pence and Graham have ever done as they go through their lives pretending to be Christians.

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